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    30 Hasselhecker Straße, Ober-Mörlen, Hessen, Germany
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    December 8, 2019
About Us
s a traditional company and reliable partner, we offer an extensive profile of supply in terms of used commercial vehicles and construction mashines for all coverages. Our specifications contain the product categories „trucks, construction mashines, omnibuses as well as rotary drilling and pile-driving systems. Analogous to our product range, we offer professional processes of purchasing and sales for our customers and affiliates as soon as performances in terms of renting, transport and shipping. We make our customers feel the expertise at the national and transnational market development, by doing a unique and solid positioning of the Jaweed GmbH as capable service provider. Thereby, we always respect quantity indices of our automated operating procedures considering the criterions time, costs and quality. You cannot buy profound skills and experiences. But rather you can train and gain them through an high degree of market- and customer orientation in combination with a continous willingness to change. On the basis of long-term subsistence to our achieved market environment, we combine „the new and the tried and trusted“ for a professional and innovative trade of brands and market image. We implement these relevant features sensible and benefit oriented to our market participants.
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